images‘What you give others comes back to you.’
GPS believes in imparting education in a safe, comfortable and congenial atmosphere where students make optimum use of the available facilities.



Smart Class
The school has smart class room or technology room for the student to explore, discover, question, evaluate, create and communicate in this information age.

If you don’t read good books you have no advantages over those who can’t read them
The school has a well equipped library with a large stock of books including encyclopaedias, fiction, reference books etc. It also subscribes to a number of magazines and journals. The necessary resource material is continuously added to the existing stock to keep abreast with time and for the progress of the students.

Medical room
The campus has a room with basic necessary medicines to handle common complaints and minor injuries. In case of an emergency, the child is immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

School provide a well knit transport system catering to villages and cities connecting all important points with a fleet of well maintained buses. The bus drivers are quite experienced and are given regular important updates by the school. The various bus routes with details of stop / timings are displayed on the buses for parents and students.


Computer Lab
The school has a separate computer lab. With latest based multimedia for providing hands on experience to students.
Students are taught to be computer savvy.
The students are taught with the help of specially designed software capsules, related to different topics of each subject in the classroom.

Science Lab
A practical task equals hundreds of theories. Keeping in view the saying the school has laboratories ranging from chemistry, physics, and biology. These labs are spacious, well ventilated fully equipped apparatus to give the students extensive practical experience to supplement theory.
The senior pioneers to include science lab teaching from 6 class onwards.

The school incorporates a systematic and complete package of competencies like knowledge, skills and attitudes to be rightfully executed contributing to the development of necessary attributes and skills in students for application in the context of their studies, daily life and careers.
The school strictly follows the guidelines of national curriculum planning and CCE pattern of evaluation given by C.B.S.E.
Innovative ideas, skills and method are also implemented to make students smart and ready.

Nursery Level
Emphasis is laid on learning with fun.
Students are engaged in drawing, colouring and doing puzzles.
Poems and stories are dramatized using expressive action.
Focus laid on developing communication skills.
Recreational parks historical places and regular educational trips are organized to give them a real life experience.

Primary Level
Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.
Curriculum is a fine amalgamation of learning with fun and focuses on activity oriented approach.
Child cantered education is imparted to encourage creativity.
Stress is laid on building language skills through language enrichment activities.
Honing public speaking skill via class assemblies and role plays, elocution, debates.
Hands on activities and experiments to develop scientific temperament.
Sharpening, analytical reasoning through mind games.
Field trips and excursions are held to make learning enjoyable.

Middle Level
Curriculum is devised according to the CCE pattern.
Emphasis is laid on acquiring in – depth conceptual knowledge.
Enrichment of language skills both oral and written through free and fearless expression of ideas.
Polishing communication skills through on the spot ground discussions, extemporise, debates, presentations.
Emphasis on team work through projects and search & research work in science lab.
Organizing field trips and workshops of relevance from time to time.

Senior Secondary Level
The school strictly followed the CBSE curriculum with necessary gradations.
Science, Commerce & humanities are the academic streams offered at 12th level.
Various combinations of subjects of choice are offered.
Stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus through result oriented training.
Emphasis is to nurture the talents, help them to develop scientific attitude, learn to work in accordance with aptitude and interest and to manage time and schedule for a career choice.
Complete access to library, computer and other labs for study and research requirements.
Career and counselling for students a regular feature updates the children to keep their focus sharp on the future avenues of studies and work areas.

CCE Corner
‘Matching Global standard by continous effort’. Right from the inception of CCE, GPS has been following it in its true spirit.
Continous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school based evaluation of a student that covers all aspects of a students development. The objectives are continuity in evaluation and assessment of board based learning and behavioural outcomes of the learners.

  • Learning
  • Observation
  • Evaluation
  • Creating
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analyzing

Both scholastic and co-scholastic areas are completely covered with best standards . Taking quality as a benchmark students’ capability is enhanced. Regular evaluation gives an insight into students’ progress level.

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